Sasaki Inc. is a company that processes cables and harnesses you desire. Cable for industrial equipment, prototype harness for research and development, as well as complicated harness in aerospace defense field are ready to meet your requirements. Our factory operates based on ISO 9001 and even IAQG 9100 (Japan’s JIS Q 9100). In the racing industry, we are a supplier of HRC (Honda Racing Corpolation). If you are standing with drawing, or if you are not satisfied with the current supplier, please contact us.

Product introduction


We have been producing, processing highly reliable WIRE HARNESSES for Semi-Conductor Production System.
A wide range of experiences and expertise for the industries such as Semi-conductor Production system,
Machine tools, Automotive R&D, Aerospace & Defense, Physical Instrument, Optical Microscope and so on.

We are proficient and knowledgeable for the processes like “Soldering Skill, Crimping Skill (from 0.05 to 325 square), Cross-section Observation of crimping terminals, Axial Screw Processing Skill certified by HARTING, Handling of Silicone Potting Compound/Sealant for special processes, Drawing/Development of large-size Bundle Wire Assembly, Handling/winder of up to 42 meters long cable on the table” and so on.

We focus on a Cell Manufacturing System for high-mix, low-volume production and Quick turn-around. JISQ9100 (equal to AS9100, EN9100) certified (for Aerospace & defense industries) in March, 2014 which have been updated this year. Let us know about your interest in our skills and experiences!

Partner Companies : Tokyo Electron, MHI Nagoya Guidance & Propulsion System works, HONDA R&D, HONDA Motorcycle R&D Center, HONDA Racing Corporation, RIGAKU, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research : Tokyo University, HITACHI Metals Trading, HEIDNHAIN, Nidec-Read Corporation, etc.

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+81-551-22-3733(Reception time Weekday: 8:30~17:30)

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